Residence and work permit in Turkey

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Residence and work permit in Turkey

Turkish Labor Law gives foreigners the right to work on Turkish territory.

Turkish Labor Law gives foreigners the right to work on Turkish territory, by obtaining a Residence and Work permit in Turkey (Çalışma İzni) from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Which takes into account the need of the market for foreign labor and some particular criteria related to the general plan of the state through which work permits are granted to foreigners according to market requirements and requests from companies.

What is the Residence and Work permit in Turkey? What are the benefits of getting Residence and Work permit in Turkey in Turkey and how do I apply for it?

The Residence and Work permit in Turkey is equivalent to the Investor residency

Moreover, the work permit is a work permit that allows you to work in Turkey and benefit from the advantages that foreigners get in Turkey such as:

  • Treatment at state expense in all Country hospitals.
  • Benefit from pension after the age of 60.
  • Obtain the Turkish citizenship after the fifth year.
  • The investor’s children can join Turkish schools free of charge.
  • Benefiting from the powers offered by the Turkish government to the investors

How to apply for a Residence and Work permit in Turkey?

 There are two ways to get the work permit in Turkey

  • To be employed by a Turkish company
  • Be a company owner and get a residence as a manager for that company


Firstly, let’s talk about how to get a work permit or an investor residence permit in Turkey by being an employee of a Turkish company.

According to the Turkish law, companies must apply to get the work residency for foreign workers in Turkey, not the employee by himself. Therefore, the owner of the company or its manager must apply. And the conditions are as follows:

  • The capital of the company wishing to obtain a work permit for foreigners must be more than 100,000 Turkish lira
  • At least five Turkish workers employed full-time are needed for each new foreign worker hired at the company.
  • For the partners who want to get work permit without hiring Turkish employees, their share of the company’s capital should not be less than 40,000 TL
  • The company must be paid all taxes of the state
  • The company must be paid all social insurance to the country

After fulfilling the required conditions, the owner of the company shall perform the procedures needed for the permit, and within one month from applying the result will be shown and you can get the residence.

The second option is to get a work residence permit is by establishing a company in Turkey, and we suggest this because it is the easiest way to get a residence.

According to the Turkish law, the owners of companies are exempted from certain conditions to have a work permit. also, it gives you some features such as

  • You do not have to hire 5 Turks for the first year of the company, you will open your company, and you will then get the work residency to start your business directly.
  • It is easy to include your wife, children, parents  to your residency. Thus they will obtain a legal residence.
  • You can get a work permit while you are outside Turkey

There are two ways to apply for the work residency in Turkey

The first way: get the work permit inside Turkey

In case you apply for the work permit inside Turkey, then you must have a tourist residency and then transfer it to a work residency.

The second way: get the residency outside Turkey

If you have a residence in any other country, this solution will be suitable for you.

Where the Turkish law allows the owners of companies to obtain the work residency, Work Permit, and investor residency in Turkey by visiting one of the Turkish embassies in their country with the required documents.

The investor will get a working code which he can use it later in Turkey to get his work residency.

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